All insurances including Kaiser and cash pay accepted for urgent care visits. Please contact the office for all other types of visits.
  • Office Hours: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM | Monday - Saturday Closed | Sunday (Walk-ins are welcome)
  • Phone: 209-758-9900 | Fax: 209-633-4899
  • 19661 Mountain House Parkway Mountain House, CA 95391
Rapid and effective treatment for fractures and sprains.

Handling fractures and sprains requires immediate and expert care, a specialty of Assure Primary and Urgent Care. Our facility is equipped with tools to accurately assess such injuries, ensuring you receive the most effective treatment. Our team is skilled in treating various degrees of fractures and sprains, aiming to alleviate pain and promote rapid healing.

We provide comprehensive care, from initial assessment to follow-up, ensuring your journey to recovery is smooth and well-supported. Our approach combines medical treatment with practical advice on rehabilitation and prevention, helping you regain strength and mobility. Trust us for a compassionate and efficient response to your urgent orthopedic needs.

Do you or your loved ones need medical assistance or urgent care? Contact us today for expert and compassionate healthcare solutions.